Wandering and Wondering through Picturesque Paris

I’ve just checked into my hotel room in Paris. Since I’m alone, I have no one to answer to. I have no itinerary, no agenda, no responsibility. I do have my friend, Mr. Anxiety, who’s always there whether I ask him to join me or not. And then I remembered a friend I brought along who’s quite good at balancing out Mr. Anxiety: Mr. Camera.

The thought of wandering around Paris with no particular destination was exciting and a little daunting.

Will I look like a ding-dong walking around by myself?

Where will I end up?

Will I even enjoy myself?

I decided to give it a go and give my little excursion a purpose. I’m going to take photos of everything. And I won’t have anyone to complain that I’m taking too long. I mean I get it. It’s not exciting to walk around Paris and watch someone take photos. So I strapped Mr. Camera around my neck and off I went.

Notre Dame de Paris, Notre Dame, Paris, France, Seine river, Seine, picturesque Paris
Notre Dame as seen through a tree

This is the first picture-perfect moment I stumbled upon. I’ll be honest, from this side of Notre Dame, I didn’t know what it was. I just knew it was gorgeous. I snapped several shots and this one ending up being my favorite.

All the worry about wandering around Paris alone was immediately alleviated with my camera around my neck. I wasn’t just some poor ole guy with no friends hopelessly meandering through the City of Love; I was a photographer. Strangers stopped me on the street and asked me to take photos of them. I wasn’t being pitied at all.

Cafe, Paris cafe, Parisian cafe, red motorcycle, crêperie, picturesque Paris
A perfectly placed motorcycle parked outside a Parisian café

The photo above is one of my favorites. I love the juxtaposition of the modern motorcycle against the backdrop of the traditional French café. C’est magnifique!

My journey led me through cobblestone streets while the scent of fresh bread and crêpes filled the air. I used the Eiffel Tower as a northern star until I found myself bowing down in front of it right before sundown. My anxiety had fully subsided and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect ending to my first day in Paris.

Eiffel Tower, picturesque Paris, France, Tour Eiffel, Parisian sunset
Sunset at the Eiffel Tower