Goldilocks Sleeps Around

Can it ever be too small? What’s considered to be too big? And how did Goldilocks know it was “just right”? She probably slept around.

Hotel rooms in Europe are not really known for their size. And who cares, really? I definitely did not fly across the pond to sit in my hotel room. Everyone has a size they’re comfortable with, but sometimes bigger really isn’t better.

I found the Hotel Original Paris online and was struck by the modernity, the colors, and the location. It’s just me on the trip, so I have no need for a big room. In fact, the small room was very comforting. I could barely squeeze by my bed to get to the bathroom, but I liked it. When I went to sleep at night, the tiny room gave me a hug without feeling claustrophobic. That’s a weird analogy, but you get the idea. The room didn’t have arms or anything.

While traveling alone, who wants a constant reminder that you are, in fact, all alone and can’t fill the space? I can do that without the help of a hotel room, thank you very much. All I could think about was how glad I was nobody else was trying to squeeze their dirty socks in here with me. Sometimes just changing the way you feel about a situation makes all the difference in the world.

Have you ever gone out to eat by yourself and the host or hostess asks if it’s “just you”? I am enough, I usually think.

A sorta-kinda-not-really-because-he’s-annoying friend of mine told me when he dines alone he says:

“Table for two. One for me and one for my ego.”

That is actually the exact face I made (to his back) when he told me that. No wonder you’re dining alone.

I digress.

My point is to never be ashamed of being alone. If anything, people respect you and think that you must be pretty darn cool if you’re willing to just hang out with yourself for an extended period of time. A lot of people can’t do that. Seriously.

So the hotel embraced me, myself, and I with open arms and a thick Parisian accent.

“Zis is zo wonderful zat you are here by your alone, Monsieur.”

Here by my alone, indeed. The French get it. I’m the boss of me. Je suis le chef.